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Welcome Power Team Members! This page is dedicated to your success in the 203k training program. Please use the links below to access the tools to increase your success as a 203k Consultant.

ALL Power Teams Webinars


January — Nafhac’s annual report and important changes for 2020

February — No Webinar

March —How to market in a crisis…without appearing insensitive

Abril — The changing world of real estate and possibilities, opportunities, and challenges, Special Guest: Todd Fogel of Guaranteed Rate Mortgage

May — How to use your monthly success supplies & E-newsletter to your advantage and meet our newest lending partner Jennifer Goldsby from Freedom Mortgage

June — How can we be of more VALUE to our clients and referral partners? One Stop-Shop


January —  How to stand up to contractors with lender support
February — Where can we find new lenders to work with.
March — Special Guest: Will Colton from Inspector Pro talks about; Understanding Your Insurance Policy

April — Changes to the FHA Appraisal Process and How It Affects Consultants

May — VA Rehab Loans what they are and how it can work for you.
And Special Guest: Todd Fogel of Guaranteed Rate Mortgage.
June  — New Genesis Update and members questions answered 
July — Discussing the New Housing Financial Literacy Act of 2019.
And Special Guest: Susan Smiley from PROforma Vindee

August — Paradigm Shift- Bad news for the economy can be Great news for 203K mortgages

September — Special Guest: Lee Hamilton from Roadscan Canada

October —  Market trends and low cost/no cost ways to keep phone ringing

November —  How Can We Get Our Audience To Understand And Respect Us More/Better?

December   No Webinar: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


January —  All Member Webinar Recording Damaged 

February–  How to make the income!

March — FHA Loan Limits and how they affect feasibility of projects

April  — New Genesis Rehab Software Enhancements

May — All Member Webinar Questions and Answers 

June — Change Order Process

July — Special guest, Ben Fontan from Pro-Lab talks about new advances in environmental testing, protocol and systems.

September  — Rolling Back after starting draws

October —  Working with contractors, how to grow your database

November  All the wealth of knowledge and resources available on the 203k In a Box Member site.


December — No Webinar : HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

November — No Webinar: Happy Thanksgiving!

October — All Member Monthly Webinar

September — HUD 203H Disaster Relief Loans

June — Q&A Genesis & 203k Discovery Days

May — 203k Discovery Days! Ride Along with Catherine & 203k Discovery

March  — Checking the Pulse of NAFHAC members & 203k Discovery Days 

February — What’s New in 2017 & Open 203k Q/A Forum

January — Marketing and Promoting Your 203k Business 


December  — No Webinar : HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

November  — 2016 FHA Annual Report Overview

October  — Genesis Updates & HUD Consultants Fee$

September — Consultant FEE$: Open Forum Discussion

August — NEW Consultant FEE$ & HUD Regulations

July  — A Date with the Developer: Tips & Tricks for using Genesis

June  — Change Orders & Draw Forms in GENESIS

May — GENESIS Feasibility Reporting & Contractor Bidding 

April  — 203(k) Related Documents & Forms

March  — Working With Lenders

February — Welcome M.I.C. 3DSR New Members 

January — Contractor Spotlight


 December — Marketing Your 203k Business

November  — Power Team Member Q & A

October BONUS WEBINAR — New Member Certification Package Jumpstart!

October — Guest Speaker: Ed Cottingham; Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust

September — Working with the New HUD Pricing Guidelines

August  — Navigating New HUD 4000.1 Policies

July — How To Use Your Monthly Success Supplies

June — Troubleshooting Your 203k Project

May — Who’s In Charge of a 203k Project?

April  — Changes to the HUD Appraisal Process

March — FHA Mortgages/Lenders

  February — Technical difficulties prevent webinar from being posted. We apologize for any inconvienence. 

January — Navigating the Website




October – How to Hire your First Inspector

August – FHA Power Saver

June – Getting in the Ground Floor with new 203k Lenders

May – APS (American Payment Solutions)





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