Membership Cancellation Policy

National Association of FHA Consultants

Membership/Course Cancellation

You are purchasing the NAFHAC/203k In A Box course(s), membership(s) and/or product(s). The National Association of FHA Consultants (NAFHAC) reserves the right to change the date and location of the courses and will inform you via email or phone if such a change is made. 203k In A Box FHA Consultant Training System is a registered trademark of Catherine Hall Unlimited, Inc, a Pennsylvania registered corporation. The Genesis Renovation Project Management System is the proprietary product of Genesis Rehab Reporting system, LLC. a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company. 203k In A Box is the exclusive North American licensee of training/marketing material and content for this course and membership.

Should you need to cancel or transfer your course, our agreement reflects the fact that we incur most of the expenses of your course before you arrive. If for any reason you cannot attend the course, you may re-assign your attendance to someone else. NAFHAC will require advance written notification of any changes in the attendee’s name and contract information prior to a course commencing. Changes may only be made by the primary registrant. Transfer of membership in and or use of products purchased requires written approval by NAFHAC, All cancellations and transfers must be submitted in writing via letter or email (See NOTICE of CANCELLATION). Should you need to pause your membership, NAFHAC will require advance written notice of this request at least 30 days prior to your next scheduled monthly payment. During your ‘paused’ status, you will no longer have access to personalized coaching calls, mailed success supplies, the online Genesis Renovation Management System, the 203k In A Box monthly Power Team TECH webinar, or any online BONUS content. You will still have access to the ALL Power teams webinar, the e-Newsletter and success supply content available online on the 203k In A Box Power Teams site. Our General Product Cancellation Policy is as follows:

Product Cancel/Refund Policy Refund:
0-3 Business days from date of transaction
 See Product Return Requirement Below
Full refund
0-60 calendar days from date of transaction (if customer
 has NOT achieved an FHA 203k Consultant ID)
Full Refund
61 calendar days from date of transaction (or any time after customer has achieved an FHA 203k Consultant ID) NO Refund

For product/system purchases, payment in full is required upon registration. No product will be delivered, or membership activated without payment. We reserve the right to cancel this order in the event payment amount is not received within 7 days prior to the shipment of any/all products/enrollment in any system. For installment purposes, an administration fee may apply.

Product purchase and/or Membership Installments will be deducted from the credit card on file every thirty (30) days from the date of the transaction. If any installment payment should default, the registrant will have ten (10) days to rectify the account. If a membership or product purchase installment should default or any installment payment be in Accounts Receivable for more than 25 days, the result may be suspension or cancellation of use of all services/memberships including use of the Genesis Renovation Reporting System. An N.S.F. credit card decline charge of $50 applies in cases of payment default and would be required as part of any reinstatement payment. All course/membership transactions must be in US dollars (USD), regardless of place of purchase. All administrative fees, including credit card fees incurred due to any full or partial refunds from cancellations, transfers, or changes in method of payment after the standard cancellation period will be billed to and paid by the customer.


You may CANCEL your purchase at any time after the date of this transaction according to the Product Cancel/Refund Policy stated above. Product Return Requirement: If you cancel, any property/materials received by you will be returned within TEN (10) BUSINESS DAYS following receipt by the seller of your cancellation notice. If you cancel, you must make available to the seller, in substantially good condition as when received, all goods or products delivered to you under this contract or sale. Should all products/goods not be returned, membership and any associated fees for membership will continue as required for any installment agreement in place or membership terms agreed. To cancel this transaction, email a scanned, signed and dated copy of this Cancellation Notice or send an email that states: “I hereby cancel this transaction/membership” within the above stated timeframes from the transaction date.

*Information on this web page may differ from information, memberships or promotions. Refer to actual agreements and other timely documentation. Terms and conditions may apply.