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Welcome Mortgage Brokers and Financial Consultants:


Catherine Hall 203k Queen

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to meet with you and share some of the exciting aspects of the 203k Loan Program.
As promised, I have created this site exclusively for you. I have put several items that you can access directly as well as download for your future use.

For more information or to contact me please click here.

  • Audio recording of a recent presentation of a local mortgage brokerage (un-edited as it was a live recording) CLICK HERE (it may take a few minutes to load- it is over 2 hours long, must have Windows Media Player or equivalent)
  • 203k Powerpoint presentation that corresponds to audio recording  FHA 203k Real Estate Presentation
  • 203k Powerpoint presentation for buyers “How to buy a home that’s NOT ready to be sold” 203k Revised Show
  • Consultation Request Form (in MS Word format for use when scheduling a consultation)    CLICK HERE
  • Sample of a Feasibility Analysis     CLK HERE 
  • Sample of a Complete Specification of Repairs Package CLICK HERE​​​
  •  Special BonusExcerpt of my 203k Consultant Training Manual Get the inside view into what every consultant needs to know    CLICK HERE
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