Why 203k


“They Laughed When I Said
I Was Going to Become a

203K Consultant
to Skyrocket My


But They Were Shocked When I Put
Over  $43,769 in Pure & Easy Profits
in My  Pockets Last Year!”


And the Best Part Is I am…


  • Making More Profits Per Job Than EverI’m getting up to 3 times more than an average home inspection job ($1,200 – $1,500 for a 203k Consultant job vs. $300 – $400 per home inspection…and hundreds more on follow-up BACK end appointments)
  • Raking in More Home Inspection Jobs Than EverI’m getting a ton of additional home inspection referral business from real estate agents with far less ‘flattery’ and gimmicks I used to use to get noticed and remembered by agents, simply because I’m now a 203K Consultant – (more specifically, I did an extra 113 home inspections last year just because I became a 203K consultant!)
  • Now highly-demanded as a “Knight in Shining Armor”instead of the merely tolerated as a “bearer of bad news” by lenders and real-estate agents 
  • Commanding Respect as a “Deal-Maker” from lenders, appraisers, real-estate agents and even contractors, instead of being viewed as a “Deal-Breaker”



 “203K in a Box


Coming soon to a location NEAR YOU!


“I am performing consultations and it has added so much to my business…”

“I join 203K in a box in February 2011. I followed every step that was given to me and with Catherine's help submitted my application for certification. I was stunned to find out that I was approved in 24 hours from the time they received my package!

Then, Catherine allowed me to ride with her for two days and I really learned so much more! It gave me a comfort level I never would've had on my own. Now I am performing consultations and it has added so much to my business. Thanks Catherine!”

– John Lomonaco, Affordable Home Inspections
Hawley, Pennsylvania



From: Catherine Hall – the “203k Queen”



          There are a couple of reasons why I STRONGLY-ADVISE you to attend a DAY OF DISCOVERY” event…


     1.  If your competition gets in on this and you’re left out … you may find yourself feeling like someone just cut off your stream of business faster than the water-flow of your kitchen faucet! You don’t want to be left ‘high and dry’ without ever knowing what hit you.
But the most important reason is that I know that this mind-blowing, profit-exploding opportunity that’s been afforded you, compliments of the U.S. government, will transform your home inspection business – and indeed, your life! Yes, it’s that important.


If you’ve not yet become a 203k Consultant then I hope it’s simply because you didn’t know about the breakthrough opportunity that is being laid out to you on a diamond-crusted, silver-platter!


Assuming this, I want you to know that your business dreams are about to come true!


But first, let me ask you… 

  • Are you a home inspector with at least 3 years experience?
  • Are you finding more of the homes you inspect fall short of the buyer's expectations?
  • Are more of your buyers using FHA insured mortgages (yes, you should ask)? 

“Then you need to know what an FHA 203k Consultant does –
because you could and SHOULD be one!”


“My business wouldn't be as successful without the help and training I received from Catherine…” 

“When I decided to become an FHA 203K Consultant I investigated all of the available resources to become a consultant with certification. Your “203K in a Box Training Program” was everything I expected it to be. It was informative, illustrated, and conducted with professionalism.


This program has allowed me to take the stance of being the best trained FHA 203K Consultant in the state of Oregon. My business wouldn't be as successful without the help and training I received from Catherine. I believe the ‘Power group’ is not only an amenity but a viable and necessary resource for the experienced consultant as well as those new to the field.” 

  – Russ Elliott, AAA Home Inspections, LLC –
LaPine, Oregon


Stop leaving HUGE profits on the table when you finish your home inspection! The U.S. Government has afforded you an incredible opportunity of a lifetime. You can become an FHA 203K Consultant, as a home inspector, and help save home-buying deals that would otherwise be lost due to necessary repairs to homes that would not be approved through conventional loans.  


When you inspect a home and find that there are problems that would normally ‘kill’ a deal, instead of being the ‘bearer of bad news,’ as a FHA 203K Consultant you can simply convert conventional loans into FHA 203K loans and oversee the process of fixing the repairs – and get paid a ‘king’s ransom’ all the way to closing! 

We all know the nightmares that come along with being a home inspector, right? 


Well, imagine that I held a magic-wand (the knowledge of how to become a 203K Consultant) and could turn your worst home inspection business nightmares into headache-free, money-making dreams! 


I’ve been a home inspector for 20 years and I’ve dealt with all of the headaches and frustrations that many of my fellow home inspectors still face. The ONLY thing that turned my miserable problems into sweet profits was becoming a 203K Consultant. Since then, my business has caught on like a wild-fire and my profits have exploded! 


And the success is transferable! Every home inspector I’ve helped become a 203K Consultant has multiplied their home inspection sales AND added a new, high-profit, stream of 203K Consulting income to their pockets!  


As the nation’s TOP 203k Consultant, I’ve spent the last 3 years traveling the nation, waving my MAGIC 203K Consultant ‘wand’ over their home inspection business and watching them turn frog-businesses into princes…  


…And now it’s YOUR turn to experience the MAGIC of this too-good-to-be-true opportunity!


At the “DAY OF DISCOVERY” coming near you, I’ll show you how to…  


Wave a ‘Magic-Wand’ Over Your Home Inspection Business and


Turn Your Nightmares Into Dreams-Come-True! 


Look at How These Common Headaches Become Simple Solutions as a 203K Consultant…


HEADACHE #1: Are you constantly striving to and worried about getting the phone to ring and booking more home inspections?  

‘MAGIC-WAND’ Solution #1: As a 203K Consultant you’ll instantly add an additional stream of revenue and book a lot more home inspections as more people in the country are seeking 203K loans to close on their home.  

Plus, you’ll get more business from real estate agents and lenders who now see you as a partner and “deal-maker” to help close more home transactions as a 203K Consultant. Don’t be surprised if they blot out the names of ALL your competitors all-together and ONLY do business with you seeing as how you will help them make more money!  
I booked an extra 113 home inspections in that part of my business last year, in addition to my new stream of 203K Consultant income! 

HEADACHE #2: Do you wish you had more referrals coming in through real estate agents; do you wish they were more loyal to YOU instead of lumping you with all the other loads of home inspectors; don’t you wish there was a way to rise above the pack and claim the loyalty of agents and other industry professionals?

‘MAGIC-WAND’ Solution #2: As a 203K Consultant you’ll no longer be seen as a mere ‘commodity’ that can be compared with other home inspectors – you’ll instantly become a highly-demanded professional who lenders and real estate agents NEED to have on their team in order to close deal! You see, most home inspectors simply report on the trouble areas of a home, which can ‘kill’ loans for lenders and agents.  

But as a 203K Consultant you can quickly convert a deal into a 203K loan and suggest repairs and changes that need to be made on the home. So as a 203K Consultant, you’re seen as a walking, talking fat stack of dollar bills to real estate agents and lenders – creating automatic loyalty from multiple critical industry sources.  

Right now, in your area, if there isn’t a 203K Consultant/home inspector, lenders and real-estate agents are pulling their hair out, wishing a 203K Consultant was there to save home transaction deals instead of the typical home inspector ‘bearing the bad news’ that a home needs a ton of work. As a 203K Consultant, you could become the ‘deal-maker’ instead of the ‘deal-breaker,’ and earn a lot of money and loyalty of these lenders and agents for many profitable years to come. 

So you don’t have to jump through so many hoops to gain the attention and loyalty of real-estate agents anymore just to be forgotten and pushed aside by the next guy if you forget to fill your candy bowl for one week.  

Lenders are incredibly loyal to 203K Consultants because they understand that once a system is in place that works, they should keep using it to close more loans. Stop being a commodity, become a consultant and get a lender to stick with you forever. 

HEADACHE #3: Are you getting older or just plain tired of doing such a large number of labor-intensive work of climbing ladders, squeezing into tight, yucky, dirty crawl-spaces? Do you feel like your body’s breaking down from all the work and do you fear getting sick and not able to make money? 

‘MAGIC-WAND’ Solution #3: Now, lighten your load and skyrocket your income! As a 203K Consultant you don’t have to do so much labor-intensive work and you’ll be able to make a lot more money with far less jobs; plus you’ll get back-end income, which doesn’t require strenuous work either! So you’re body will get some much needed rest while you actually increase your income. 

HEADACHE #4: Are you afraid of being sued because of a liability claim that can be made against you if something breaks or goes wrong for one of your past customers, who depended on you for an accurate inspection?

‘MAGIC-WAND’ Solution #4: As a 203K Consultant liability claims are almost completely eliminated because they are covered by the contractor who is doing the 203k work after settlement and they handle problems that arise.

HEADACHE #5: Don’t you wish you could instantly double, or even triple, your job-order amount without being laughed out of town? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make an extra $1,000 – $2,000 + in PURE profit every week without working any harder than you are now.

‘MAGIC-WAND’ Solution #5: Making 3 times the amount you would on the average home inspection job is the norm! In other words, most 203K Consultants charge $1,200 – $1,500 on the FRONT end as compared to $300 – $400 for the average home inspection, and you’ll collect an additional BACK end of $100 – $200 for each additional short appointment you make to see your 203K project through to completion!

It’s the easiest money you’ll ever make! The easiest way to add an extra $1,000 – $2,000 a week of PURE profit to your pocket! What could you do with an extra $4,000 – $8,000 a month of free and clear profits? Would you buy a boat…a new car…a new home…take more dream vacations with loved ones…put your kids through college…?

This opportunity is the perfect one to make your personal dreams come true without having to start a new business, add additional on-going costs, do any CEU’s, add any additional marketing costs or activities or buy an additional equipment to operate as a 203K Consultant.

As a matter of fact, more than 90% (over 9 out of 10) of the 203K Consultants who work with me receive their first 203K job within the first week of being certified so the turn-around on your initial investment and time spent getting certified is practically instant!

HEADACHE #6: Do your teeth grind when you hear that you’ve just lost the loyalty of another real-estate agent who’s recommending a new home inspection firm just because they undercut your prices? Aren’t you sick of being price-gouged by cheap competition who are here today and will be gone tomorrow … but are around long enough to snatch valued referral business from your pockets? 

‘MAGIC-WAND’ Solution #6: Your prices become a non-issue as a 203K Consultant because you’re now viewed as a ‘Deal-Maker’ and not a ‘Deal-Breaker’ by real-estate agents, appraisers, home-buyers and lenders. Plus, lenders, agents and the home buyer knows that without you, the deal will be lost so price resistance becomes a non-issue as they all NEED a consultant in a huge number of cases. And what’s more, home buyers don’t worry because they will be reimbursed at the closing table! 

Other home inspectors will be taken as ‘noise’ when they try to use ‘cheaper fees’ as the benefit of working with them! You can charge more and still LOCK-IN the attention and fierce loyalty of real-estate agents and lenders as a 203K Consultant.

HEADACHE #7: Do you sometimes feel like you’re dangling close to the lower end of the housing market and secretly wish you could leap to the top of the pile with ONE quick move? 

‘MAGIC-WAND’ Solution #7: Well this is the breakthrough opportunity of a lifetime! It’s takes less than (amount of time) to become certified and trained as a 203K Consultant and you can start making money and building profit-making relationships with lenders and real-estate agents in your area instantly! Like I already said, you’ll go from being tolerated as a ‘Deal-Breaker’ to being highly demanded as a ‘Deal-Maker’ overnight!


“Catherine has an amazing system…”

 “I purchased the “203K in a Box Training Program” two years ago. Catherine has an amazing system and the training she provides makes this a great addition for your business in this marketplace. I paid the system off in the first six months!


The “203K in a Box” team that she has keeps us informed through updates and monthly conference calls. This is a great way to share knowledge and improve your consultant skills and ideas. The marketing materials are a great way to meet realtors, agents, loan officers and more as they become future referrals.”

 – Fred Grant, President of North Starr Inspections, Inc. – Seattle, Washington


Are You Ready to Kick-Start Your 203K Consultant

Profits Into High-Gear…


…Are You Ready to Become the “Knight in Shining Armor”

Who ‘Saves’ the Day for Home-Buyers, Lenders and
Real-Estate Agents?



skyrocket your home inspection business profits, easily add a new stream of PURE PROFIT and so that your competition doesn’t get in on this opportunity and leave you in their dust! You simply can’t afford to miss this opportunity that is literally sweeping the entire nation, city by city.  


A Sneak-Peak of What You’ll Learn From


This Must-Attend Event… 


You’ll enjoy an exciting and refreshing day of personal, face-to-face training on every aspect of the 203k Consultation Process from me, Catherine Hall, affectionately known as the “203k Queen” because I’ve become the nation’s TOP 203K Consultant Trainer.



Inside The Game-Changing  Event, You’ll Get:


Certification Preparation (quickly learn how to create an application package that will be automatically approved by FHA the FIRST time you send it in) 


Understanding and Usage of Architectural Plans & Drawings (learn how to easily create cost estimates and work write-up documents using construction plans) 


Software Usage (Get simple, step-by-step instructions on using the “REHAB Estimator”- the best 203k software on the market) 


Proven Marketing and Promotion (Instructions and tools for effortlessly marketing to lenders, real-estate agents and homebuyers/owners with almost ZERO cost) 


Troubleshooting Techniques (For those rare occasions, you’ll learn how to fire a contractor, what to do when borrower changes their mind, how to detect possible fraud) 


PLUS, this event is approved for 7 hours of CEU credit with ASHI, CREIA, FABI,  InterNACHI and AII! 


And much more!


Basically, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to get up and running and making money in the next couple of weeks! Imagine, just 2 weeks from now you could earn your first $1,200 as a 203K Consultant.




Attend these Seminars RISK-FREE With My


 “Money Where My Mouth Is” GUARANTEE…

100% Money Back  


I'm so confident that you're going to be absolutely ‘wowed’ by what you learn at this upcoming event that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.Simply attend the event, listen to the presentation and ask any questions that you have, and if you don't believe you can make at least double your money back, that you spent on the event, in the first two weeks of becoming a 203K Consultant then simply request a FULL refund and I will gladly provide 100% of your money back with no questions asked and no hassles!



You may be asking yourself, how can she make such a bold promise? 


Well, you see, it's easy to make this when you know the power of the information that you are providing to people. I've not seen a single home inspector who has attended my event regret making the decision to do so. These inspectors take this information back to their office put it to work and watch their lives change. And I know that the same thing will happen for you if you simply listen and apply what you learn at the upcoming event.  




Remember, over 9 out of every 10 of the home inspectors I’ve trained to become certified 203K Consultants leave the training and get their first job in the very first week! That means you’ll make multiple times the amount you spend on attending this event the week you get home! And you can make $1,000 – $2,000 or even more every week after than from now on! Yes, life as a home inspector is about to get really sweet for you my friend! 


I can’t wait to meet you at the event to help you get up, running and making BIG money! 


See you soon,


Catherine Hall – the “203K QUEEN”



P.S. It’s time that you let me wave my ‘magic-wand’ over your business and turn your biggest home inspection business nightmares into sweet, money-making dreams by attending my “DAY OF DISCOVERY” event! Here, you’ll discover all you need to know to get up, running and making BIG money as a 203K Consultant in your area. Anybody can do it and over 9 out of 10 of the people I train get their first job in the very first week they become a certified consultant!




P.P.S. It’s the no-brainer, lazy-man’s way to add an additional stream of income to your current flow of business, make an extra $1,000 – $2,000 + in PURE profits per week, instantly go from being tolerated as a ‘Deal-Breaker’ to being a highly-demanded ‘Deal-Maker’ among lenders, real-estate agents, contractors and other industry professionals, make 3 times the money you would on a typical home inspection job plus even more cash on the back-end, and do it with far less strenuous effort, sweat and grunt-work!  


You MUST-ATTEND this event because I want YOU to make more money with far less effort and I don’t want your current flow of business to get shut off like a light switch by your competitor who get’s ‘in’ on this mind-blowing U.S. government devised opportunity!




P.P.P.S. Please remember, the price of registration pays for itself the week you get home and get your first certified consultation job! Actually your first job will probably make 5 to 10 times the amount you invest in attending this event so you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!


P.P.P.P.S. Oh yes, and speaking of nothing to lose and everything to gain; please remember that you get to attend this event 100% Risk-Free with my “Money Where My Mouth Is” GUARANTEE! Simply register now and attend the event. If you don’t believe that the information is useful and that you can’t use it to make at least double your money back, that you spent on the event, in the first two weeks of becoming a 203K Consultant then simply request a FULL refund and I will gladly provide 100% of your money back with no questions asked and no hassles!  

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